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The Four Rooms — Porto
4150 Porto - Portugal

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Live our Secrets


The Porto area has so many secrets, just waiting to be "lived" by you. The extensive offer ranges from fascinating architecture, breath-taking nature to culinary highlights, wine experiences and much more.

To help you make the best out of your stay at 4Rooms, we have arranged a unique selection of experiences that Porto and its surroundings have to offer, with other Portuguese «flavours» blended in -  all carefully put together as a full-day composition, to feel the soul of Porto.

Our selection is based on our own experiences, our guests' feedback and our personal connections to locals. It is unique, as you will experience the real gems of Portugal off the typical tourist tracks, while enjoying a high level of personal attention and convenience.

Romantic Escapes

An escape to live our secrets on the breath-taking Douro River, in the North of Portugal or at the most romantic places that Porto has to offer.

Culinary and Wine Delights

Porto is most famous for its Porto wine. However regional fresh products, creativity and Porto and Douro wines offer a unique gastronomic experience. The cuisine and wine reflects the life and soul of Porto and the North of Portugal.

Architectural Highlights

Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers an amazing palette of architecture from a variety of historic periods, making Porto a living museum. With 4Rooms you will discover the most hidden places and architectural jewels of Porto.

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